Pearly Beauty

Unstrung pearls are purchased through selected local wholesale dealers, to whom I submit my
orders when they visit the pearl countries. Excellent prices are negotiated on longstanding
agreements. The pearls are strung locally by professional stringers, employed especially for
this by the business, and who are also tasked to design some jewelry pieces. Thus the
business is also creating work opportunities.

Leather Craft

Hand Crafted Leather Goods by by Ferdinand Swanepoel.
Made to order and repairs.

Hand-made in Mamelodi

Communities here use wood from the Jacaranda Trees. Hand carving these products.

Beadwork is the art or craft of attaching beads to one another by stringing them with a sewing needle or beading needle and thread or thin wire, or sewing them to cloth.

Charles Sculptures

Unique handcrafted African Sculptures at incredible prices.

Daxx Tfwala Arts

Real animal skin and real wood on canvas, hence 3D african art depicting african themes by Daxx Tfwala, a visual artist.

Quirky Kids Creations

We design and create personalised, vintage-style, soft toys. A proudly South African company.

Senegal Hand-Made

Craftsmen use the finest Crocodile, Springbok, Ostrich and Python leather for hand-crafted Handbags, Belts, Wallets, Bags and more. Providing various grades of Zebra skins. Also supplying customers with Djembes from Senegal


Zenzo Siamenda

Works mainly with Acrylic on Canvas. His works are recognised by their bright colours and cartoony characters. Zenzo gets his inspiration from everyday events especially women’s activities and sometimes it’s just imagination. Zenzo describes himself as a man of few words but says a lot from his paint and brush. He is a promising upcoming artist who is determined to change the art arena.

Elke Jones Art

The technique of modern and abstract art is unmistakable, owing to the rich pattern formation. The colour gold in my paintings symbolizes brilliance, eternity and glamour. The multitude of hidden details allows the observer an individual interpretation.

Elephant dung paper

This paper is 100% odor, bacteria and chlorine free and can be recycled. Only bonding agents such as alum and rosin,and water soluble salt dyes for coloring are used. No bleach. no alkaline or acid solutions are introduced during manufacturing, This handmade papers have an ideal pH value for photograph preservation and have a papyrus-like quality with uniquely texture.

DTT Art and Craft

Beadwork is the art or craft of attaching beads to one another by stringing them with a sewing needle or beading needle and thread or thin wire, or sewing them to cloth.

Arum Silver Creations

Unique designs feature beautiful gemstones. Combining a wide range of semi-precious stones handpicked from around the globe to bring you beautifully handmade silver jewellery.

Coe’s Perfumes

Feel as great as you smell with these home made perfumes by Coe’s Perfumes.

[ Male and Female ]

Hand-made by Stanley

Hand-made products from Malawi. Stanley is here every Saturday.

Vellie Boutique

We are sourcing the best “veldskoene” from all over the world, we will keep you updated on all the new designs. Please comment and like our page! #MyVellies #SoLoopHy #VellieBoutique

Hand-Made in Mozambique

African Products from Mozambique


Woodart by Jasen

The quality of products representing handcrafted custom made woodwork articles is impressive

Art for the Heart Dot Art

Perfect Imperfection dot art mandalas are designed and painted.



All items are cut, engraved and assembled by hand with quality being our number one priority. Our natural wood and cork cell phone cases are designed and engraved locally and like any one of our product can be customised to any design of choice.

MyBirds – Garden seed Ornaments

We handcraft seed-clusters into creative shapes and designs using an environmentally friendly recipe that will not harm garden birds or cage birds.

Balun Vintage clothing.

New and restored. jackets, coats, suites. Selling restored Vintage  jackets and suites, preserves a historical and personal feel.

Bijouled Designer Jewellery SA

Rose gold, Sterling silver jewelry and trendy pearl designs.